A letter to my parents

Dear dad,
U've given me everything more than i deserve.. i just wan to thank u for it and just try to read this till d end... since my childhood u've been an inspiration for me... every kids hero would b his dad... u were mine too... but d truth is u broke my trust time and again... u ask me questions and before i answr them u answr them for me as well... wen ever i make a mistake u never spared time to ask me why i dis it or wat was the reason behind it... straightaway the belt or scale was ur answer...

i accept dat i am mischevious.. i do lie sometimes to u but not always... d fact was dat wen many said dat i made a mistake and were ready to giv me suspension from college.. i stood firm sayin i din do it... i actually din do it.. a friend of mine did it... still wen d hod called u i had hopes dat u will b on my side but u crashed my hopes... ur reply to hod was he might have done it plzz forgiv him mam... i hate it wen u beg... i wanted to break her face for smilin wen u said so..
u never spared time to ask me wat d situation was... u straightaway surrendered... its good dat u dont want anything bad to happen to my future... but u never thought dat u broke my confidence there...

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