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I got into a relationship right after college. Actually, I went to her college during election and she was smiling with her friends. To be honest, I fell in love with that girl because she was looking very cute and everything was just so serene.

Well, I was in love and so was she (at least she said so). Everything was going well. In between those days in jodhpur, we argued, we fought, we said sorry and we made love. But in the end, everything used to feel right.
Soon after graduation, I decided to prepare for IAS because i wanted to become her life partner at least this birth. We thought of the situation and decided to stay strong in a long distance relationship. Lesser did I know that being strong for her meant living two different lives. Our few days went well and she was happy. Meanwhile, I was studying at Jaipur. She used to tell me everything about all her friends and used to mention this one specific guy a lot as he had become her best friend in that old campus. I never questioned her because I thought trust was the base of our relationship.

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Anonymous 1 year ago

Dear confessor ! Time heals every scar..Live ur life in ur own way..with ur terms n conditions ..and one day someone is going to hold ur hands and that day you will not resist..thats for sure.. Best wishes..


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