A lifelong lesson

For me, things were going well until one day, when she said she hates me and even doesn't love me and doesn't want to become my partner. In return, I was the one who got surprised by seeing her with this nature as calling "kutte", "kameene". I didn’t say anything and walked off.  

After that incident, like every other person, I was shattered. I drank, I shouted, I acted like a crazy guy, spoiled some of the months of my life and when all that depression went by, I became a new man. I said my guardians that "i will never marry".
In starting they blackmailed emotionally but after my final decision they said that do whatever you want. Different people gave me different advices on how to get over it and how I should try to fall in love again. I even tried move on with any other girl. But can't.

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I understood one thing that love is no more my thing. NOT AT ALL!  As a consequence, here I am, single, happy, and emotionally unavailable for any woman.

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Anonymous 1 year ago

Dear confessor ! Time heals every scar..Live ur life in ur own way..with ur terms n conditions ..and one day someone is going to hold ur hands and that day you will not resist..thats for sure.. Best wishes..


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