Abnormalities in her

My #SecretConfessed:
I have three years relationship with her during my college. We also did sex later. We were too in lust that we did everything to each other... whatever we read or saw over social sites and porn sites.

But later a slight change occured into her behaviour... and she cheated over me as was roaming with my some friends and used to do party with them without informing me... demanded money from me and from them as well.
During my relationship sometimes I felt some abnormalities, like that she's cheating me but I ignored.
But now one of my friend told me about her and hence we broke up as she did it long time ago, but this tym from my side.

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Now one year has been passed during that she also tried to contact me, but I was not interested.
Actually, I'm failed to analyse what the hell is going on...??

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