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Hello everyone! I need to confess something. I am 25/f, I have a boyfriend, he is from a very conservative family. We are in a relationship for more than 3 years now. And we want to get married but his family is pressuring him.

Also his mom is not well so she said, "agar dusre caste ki bahu aayi toh ghar se nikal jana aur humare liye tum mar jaoge" ab he is saying ki 90% nahi manenge gharwale. Now you decide what should we do. Also my family lives in another city and I'm working in delhi. I'm thinking to shift to my family's place so that I can stay away from him as his family clearly doesn't want me and there's no hope further. But i am unable to move on from him. Everytime i talk with him i feel more for him. I get attached more.

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I am really confused. Should we try more? Or should I move on? Plz, suggest.

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