Am I only a toy?

My #SecretConfessed:
This is my story.
I am not an introvert guy I never had any girlfriend not because I am introvert or I dont want or I m gay bcoz I want to be focus on my career.

During my pg one girl came into my life only just as a friend slowly. Slowly we became close. She also had bf but her bf didnt treat her well never stood for her. Whenever she needs help bit I m always there for her.

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As day passed I fell in love with her. I can recognize her only by her smell. I felt like crying when she cried, I felt depressed when she was upset. I am always there for her. I never made her feel alone even I said her that I love her.

She replied she doesn't want any commitment because she was betrayed by her bf still. I continued to love her in hope that she will reply me love u too because we r living like real bf gf relation type.

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Anonumous 1 year ago

The same thing happened with me..bhulayi nhi jaati wo..


Anonymous 1 year ago

Look Bro, This is a very old Trick which has been used by girls for ages.And in future also this trick will be used by girls & they would succeed in their Mission. U can Trust in that issue. But this trick only applies on the (Innocent or Newborn'sE.g.- Like You) or on someone whose weakness is Exposed to them. The Experienced people or rather Men will never fall in this Trap. So Dear, Hold ur heart strong & learn a lesson from it. And move on with your future.


Baba kaam dev 1 year ago

Listen bro.. is tarah k laundiyo se door raho. Uska boy friend usko thok k nikal lega or baad me wo fir se rone k liye tera kaandha dhoondhegi... Usko uske pyaar k sath rehne de. Apne career pe dhyaan de. Pel k paisa kama, or Vijay Maal Ka Le Liya ban... Cheers. Ye sab hote rehta hai life me. Dont let yourself down.


bazigar 1 year ago

Welcome to the hell. Exactly me when I was doing great in my life rest you know. Don't worry dude she will be ditched by him soon and I want you to stay away from her and get a gf or just focus on your life or your career, your choice but remember just stay away from this fucking friends thing, yeah you are not a toy,you are diamond just need to be polished. Adios


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