The quiet girl

On the first day of 11th std... I was shocked to find his name in my class. He didn't change and he was in my class too. I was like "Oh shit". He saw me when I introduced myself and made funny faces to make me laugh. He talked to me and complimented me. "You look good... Changed so much." I reduced my weight so much during my vacation. We were good friends. His best friend's twin sister was my best friend and she knew i liked him. I don't know whether he knows I like him or not. But I fell for him... Things started to change in 12th. I wanted to move on from him because I was fed up crying most of the days whenever i would see him and his crush... talking, laughing... I was just a friend for him. A guy proposed me and I said yes to move on from Rohit. I just liked this guy. But we used to argue always and I broke up with him. I couldn't move on from him but whenever my friends ask I would say "Yeah I moved on from him."

I met a guy online. He was 3 yrs older than me and we are good friends... I liked him... he liked me too. He proposed and I accepted. I know his friends and I have seen his family but not him because he studies in another city. After some months he said he loves me but I am not able to say I love you too. Whenever I would see Rohit I feel like crying. In class he would sometimes stare at me and when I look he would look somewhere else. My friends said he would stare at me when am not looking. I don't know what to do. My boyfriend loves me... I like him soo much but am not able to move on from Rohit. I want to concentrate on my studies but whenever I have free time all these things would pop back up. I'm Stuck.
Please forgive if there is any grammatical mistake.

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Amit 1 year ago

This is the cutest and most innocent confession I ever came across. U r a very nice girl. I don't know if u will see my comment because it has been 4 months. My advice is the way u told this sweet love story to us, just go and tell Mr. Rohit about your feelings. I am certain he won't refuse u. Plese don't keep this within urself. Just go and tell him. Now. Don't think anything else dear. God bless u.


AD 2 years ago

You are confused. You have not moved on completely. And in order to forget ROHIT you are taking the wrong actions. People think by getting into relationship they will forget the old person, but NOO further spoils the relation. I don't know how mature your present BF is to handle this issue of yours, but I feel you should focus on studies and stop sticking to other people. It will not help you forget ROHIT. it will unnecessarily hurt you and them. Don't increase your troubles further. You need time and be patient


Jindagi 2 years ago

This is so cute story .. Like just you ☺


boy 2 years ago

just one advice...dont play with ur bf's feelings...he doesnt know all this and u consider him just as an option...leave him asap


Ash 2 years ago

The best thing would be to talk to him about how u feel about him and get to kbow his position. If both of you are in the same position then you guys can go ahead. But if he is not in the same place as you then atleast you will k ow he is not intrested in you that way and moving on would be better for you


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