Be careful who you trust online. He was a liar.

At the age of 17 a boy of our school proposed me. I knew he liked me since 2 yrs. At that time I accepted without even thinking and I really don't know why. After few months I realized that I really don't feel the same for him. Thus to avoid having a fake feeling less relation, I broke up with him. After breakup he didn't blamed me or started spreading rumors against me. But he used to follow me everywhere. He used to see me and then go.

Then after 6-7 months I met a boy. 19year old through Face***k .We chatted and he proposed me. I accepted as I also started feeling the same for him knowing that we should not trust people whom we have met in social media. He was in a good college 1st yr.

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After one year by some means I came to know that he is a 25 year guy sitting idle in home with no work. In one word FRAUD. He was a liar. I talked to him in his matter. He cried a lot and tried to convince that he was not a liar. But I broke up as I was really confused..

And on other hand that school boy continues to follow me. And till now he has not moved on. So have I really made a mistake by leaving him?

Only I can say is that I was serious in my next relation.


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