Beautiful lies

My #SecretConfessed:
I was happy with my job, friends and family. A girl stepped into my life. She was cute, good looking & many people were running behind her. But she didn't agree with none. She took my number & proposed me. I convinced her that this wont work... "Caste matters so y do v need to get into this... u be happy & move on. I will find my own way" - but as days passed on it turned into love v were happy spending time together.

Later on i came to know that I was her 2nd love. She told me abt her past. Both of them were in love for almost 2 years.  Also on the other side both were bachelors living alone, seperately. Then they broke up all of a sudden. Reason behind this was that she came to know that he was loving her for the sake of money. All these happened in her life, she had no support from her family also. I felt bad hearing all these I thought that already she was broken & it should not repeat again in her life. I'll take care of her.

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As days passed on v were happy together.

Later on I came to know that she was conceived in her 1st love, also aborted. I asked her many times b4 getting into love anything happened in between. She promised me with a single word NO. I even told her "It would be a normal breakup in between u ppl, its ok, I'll move away" but she did not let me go.


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user comments

bazigar 2 years ago

No don't give her time, you ain't married yet, if she can do this at first place without think about you then just throw her away, you are not care taker of anybody's mess. It's her fault that she can't even differentiate between you and her ex. It matters of priority. I think she deserve that messy ex and guy you one the other side has a great future ah so you deserve much much better who respect your feelings and love. All the best and seriously just stay away from, u r doing absolutely right by not contacting to her.


Xyz 2 years ago

You know its very very easy to break up and do thibgs it very easy to misunderstand idk if u would take my advice but you know what talk to her she has been broken she has aborted imaginr what she has gone you can stop paying hrr bills but before any actin talk to her about everyyhing if you love her you will find one simple reason to stay buy also dony keep your hopes high or expect all yhe best buddy


A girl 2 years ago

See maybe she's texting him for any reason first find out from her that why she is contacting that guy who concieved her and she had to abort bcoz of him.. Clear out thing first if after that also she is saying foul words and yelling at you instead of coming close to you and hug you and accepting her fault... Then it's true you deserve better.. But first talk to her and see what she says


Sid 2 years ago

I know it is hard but throw her out if your life. She is two faced. Give time to yourself, it will heal. And you will have another sweet girl who lives you. Don't worry. Don't help or pay for her.


Ruqaiya 2 years ago

U r jus wasting uah tym. Leave her. She doesn't deserve u.


sheeraz 2 years ago

Bro u deserve some1 much better then her...she is just useing u she knows ur nature so she is arguing with she knows u will never left her U just move away from her surely will get a nice1


Sush 2 years ago

she doesn't deserve u dude move on , ur love her so much but all u get in return is dis scoldings, ignoring u, n c she's again stabbing u texting her ex.... Jus move on bro


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