Being parent s**ks

Being parent s**ks

I am a mother and I hate every single thing about being a parent. There isn't one thing I enjoy about it. I am literally letting my daughter's life pass me by because I do not want to raise her.

I hate everything. I hated being pregnant. I hated my body afterwards. I hated having to give up everything that mattered to me to become a s***** parent. I never wanted to be a parent and I was dumb to have her but I had already terminated one pregnancy and figured I had to keep her.

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Everything she does is stressful. Everything she says I can't stand. I do not have one nurturing none in my body. I feel despicable writing this because society says that I'm a woman and I should be all those perfect things but the reality is I am not. I accept that. But what do I do for the next 10 years?

I cannot control my temper around her and her behavior is absolutely appalling which makes me further hate being her mother. I have tried to come to terms with this and sugar coat my thoughts but the truth is I hate being parent. HATE.

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Critical issue there Take help from doctors, from family, from friends. Yes wrong timing can spoil things Go to people who won't judge u


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