Blame of me

My #secretconfessed,
My boyfriend was torturing me a lot. We were three years in the relationship. On December I confessed to his friend that I’m tortured. His friend had crush one me and he proposed and I accepted.

I was talking to both of them. His friend knew that I’m talking to my boyfriend. But 2 months later I and his friend got intimate. My boyfriend finds out about my relation with his friend and yesterday he beat up his friend. His friend reports this to the police. Today at my home everybody knows and they are putting blame on me.

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Anonim 1 year ago

your family members are absolutely right n ur totally wrong ...u do wrong .... he beats u its not ryt u have to leave him ....n says him clearly before u accept other guys proposal .... n I think you not love both off tham..... take some advice of good people u need much


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