Because I am not Muslim..?

My #SecretConfessed:
In my college days I was mad for one Muslim girl, she was my classmate. Everyone in our college knew what I felt for her. 24/7 I was thinking about her only, thing is not that she is too much beautiful or something like that.

I proposed her thousand times and every time she rejected me because I m not Muslim.
Because I loved her so much I have maintained distance from other girls because she was everything for me. When we were in last year of college somehow I got to know she is in relationship with one of my friends who is non Muslim as well. Even he was having past relationships with other girl where he was not faithful at all.
That point of time i was thinking to hurt myself. It took me two years to recover and it changed me drastically.

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In last five years I was having 14 relationships with other girls and now finally settled for current one who loves me so much.
And now after 7 years she comes back in my life, started chatting with me on fb and WhatsApp, said sorry for what she did with me.

Now I am thinking what to do... totally confused!

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Wisdom 1 year ago

Let her live her life Time is the best healer If you have settled keep quite Give her space to settle with someone else


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