Like someone is putting a knife in my heart

My #SecretConfessed:
I was in relationship for one and a half year. I was too damn serious for her and I swear while being in relationship I never betrayed her nor did I ever think of leaving her in mere future...

But she left and the void she made 2 years back is same as it is today. I can't take her out of my mind...
When I see her with her new boyfriend I feel like someone's putting a knife in my heart and pressing the knife slowly deeper and deeper into the heart... I honestly have no words to explain.

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It's been 2 years since my break up and I swear on my mother I haven't touched a girl in this span of time. Whenever I think of getting into a relationship I feel like betraying her so I end up getting close to anyone. I am too much into her, I don't know what to do.

I scream, I cry but nevertheless any of it would ease the pain, friends.
Please anyone suggest me something... I need help.

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