Brother from different mother

My #secretconfessed,
He is my elder brother, even we aren't from the same womb or are parents are not the same. I always fretted for an elder brother so much... 

After 15 years of such thought I came across a gentleman who's gustures made me realize that I have sibling elder to me. His wife and daughter were so welcoming of wat I thought about him. Until this world couldn't hold back their judgement.

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The neighbours filled bhabhi's mind. I knew I'm not a part of the family and I have to check my actions, my talk, my behaviour wen I'm with Bhaiya. It hurts I can't even walk besides my brother just because of what people think... I can't sit alone in a room and discuss with him about my future decisions just because of what people think...

I need to hold myself from sharing the blessing of having a brother just because of what people think. Just because we are from a different family.


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