Whose mistake was it?

My #SecretConfessed:
He was my batchmate, later we became friends and then besties n finally in relationship. It was all going good but after 2 months he was ignoring me n avoiding me. I asked him for break up n we didnt talk with each other for 2 months, later we patched up n then after again he statred avoiding me.

I was in relation but just for tag. After that one guy came into my life who gave me all things, love, care, motivation, everything.
I got attached n just for seek of emotional support I was with him. But I used to still love him, my bf came to about cheat, somehow I managed to convince him. Later on everything was going good.
After few months he was again ignoring me, not giving me attention.
I was crying, begging, even I cut my hand.

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After all this he said I m fake, I never loved him, just used him. After few days he said he doesnt have feeling n he doesnt think whatever he behaved with me was wrong.
He came to know I cheated on him, I confessed truth.

He thought I cheat on him for phy relationship, he abused him, said many wrong things. I told him I dont want him after whatever he did to me. But I m not able to get over this guilt n regret that I cheated on him n I hurt him.

I don't know whose mistake it was, but what should I do now?
Plz guide me.

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