What I did to him was correct or wrong?

I was loving a boy madly fom 4yrs and many things happened between us. Before he was speaking with many girls and i knew that, i thought that is his past!!! Later he came n proposed to me n i accepted him.

From the begining he was treating me as his wife. But as days went by he started to abuse me using bad words to me n my family members, even he was calling me "a bitch. cl girl" etc. etc. N he was texting other girls in fb in the same time. I told him to stop but he din't, but he was forcing me to marry him - he forced me a lot but for some reasons i din't agree. He is rich but never cared n loved me like other lovers. I had tolerated him for many years and he was always saying to me if u won't come when i willl say to marry i'll show ur photos to ur family.

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One day a boy had called me n texted me that he is loving me n i accepted him n met him twice. After 6 months my bf got to know abt this. He got hurt badly and he came to my home n said them whole story. On the 2nd day i met him to convince him but he slapped me twice. But after all these things still he loves me n wants to marry me.

So guys i need ur suggestions. What i did to him was correct or wrong? Will he forget what i did to him?
pls suggest me If im wrong say me frankly...

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sayani 2 years ago

both of you were wrong. he abused you.. which he shouldn't have. its very wrong. you should have broke up with him when all this started instead of going on a relationship behind his back. i don't know about your boyfriend.. that if he regret it or know not.. but since you wanted advice, you are very wrong. why don't you stay away from guys for a while?? and keep your boyfriend at arms length for the time being, until he relies his mistake. and if he don't change then move on. but first break up with this second guy. just like no one deserves to be in a ABUSING relationship, NO ONE deserve to be CHEATED on too.


Anonim 2 years ago

You are ryt sayaniji


Rj 2 years ago

There is no place for physical violence in any relationship.....Even though ur bf says that he loves u but Ur life will be spoiled and then u can't do anything....So before it's get too late,take a stand for urself and dump him and move on and choose someone who respects u...May be he will not be that rich but he will keep u hppy.


king 2 years ago

u r doing the same mistake that ur ex did to u. u must have spoke about past to ur current bf. apologize to ur current bf n marry him if u r loyal


Raman 2 years ago

Have some respect fr urself girl, leave him


Guy 2 years ago

Talk to ur bf.. clarify all problems together.. nobody will do it for u..


sis 2 years ago

you forget about him..if he slapped you once he will do it again for sure


xyz 2 years ago

choose d 1 who loves u he may slapped in angry ask him whether hez ok wid u if yes go ahead.in future u dont hide anything


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