I have to let it go, I will let it go

My #SecretConfessed:
Love at first sight was disgusting to me, until it happened to me one day that changed my life till this day. He was the new professor in my college and by the end of 2nd year I knew my heart felt something for him.

The unaccounted relation crush is so famous that I believed my feelings for him was a crush. It was 2010 then when I never missed college only because my eyes wanted to admire him. He made me feel the exact place of my heart thumb in the cage of my ribs.

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In 2011 I graduated I moved out of city for higher studies, he moved for a better job. I was in contact with him. We spoke for hours over the phone on politics, life, career, parliament and Anna Hazare in 2012. I still had feelings for him.

In 2013 I got a job I messaged him when I received my first salary, he called me, we spoke for hours on the same old topics. I loved him more every moment I knew it was wrong. He was my guru, I was his student.

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Be like bae;) 1 year ago

Yeah he is ur guru, in order u don't have to feel like this but u did u fell in love, but u have to confess him that u r in love with him maybe he'll understand ur feelings, but u did late u ruin it, yet u should move on.! U r kind that u still thinking about his happiness..it's ok time can change everything, u'll get someone who loves you so much stay happy.:)


me girl 2 years ago

I understand your feelings.your love is true love and move on because life is sooo beautiful.


Malik Nishad 2 years ago

Love is fort of every heart if we conceal these feelings it creates a problem. If we expose it creates a problem. Both things are pinching. ...dear let the life going, inshallah everything will b ok!


vbfrnds@gmail.com 2 years ago

It happens. Keep going lyf is very sweet n beautiful. But I feel u should have shared ur feelings when u finished ur college


Jolly 2 years ago

That is what is purity and sanctity of love...


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