Deeply in love with my husband, but have feelings for my friend.

My #secretconfessed,
Me and my husband are married for 5 yrs after 4 yrs of courtship. He is the best guy I could have ever got. We are more like friends than husband and wife. There's nothing we don't share with each other. We love each other to the moon and back.

I had gone on a business trip to Mumbai a few yrs back where I met a colleague. We hit it off instantly. We become friends and bonded quite well. In between I used to get this feeling that he is falling for me. I tried to stop him and let him know how much I am in love with my husband.
After the meeting was over, he came to drop me off at the airport where he confessed his love for me. I tried to explain but he was not willing to listen. He said he just wanted to let me know how he feels for me and that he doesn't expect anything back.
After I was back home I deliberately maintained a distance. Only casual how-are-you's once in a while. I hoped he would have moved on.

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nishant 1 year ago

Adha sach bolna to juth bolne aur sach chupane se b jyada khtrnak hota h


lovely 1 year ago

Hi dear, You need to understand that you are only committed to your husband...just because you met some XYZ people...your love can't get affected....make him understand that you are committed and at the same time honest to your husband...limit yourself to friendship and maintain a distance...focus on your career,family planning and future goals...don't spoil your life for others... He will get a partner of his choice but if you will never get the love of ur life again. Good luck.


Some one 1 year ago

U r story exactly like me.. only one different that I see him every day.. which is more painful... Nd the point u said every relationship don't need a name.. incomplete life..


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