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My #secretconfessed,
Hello All, I m a 30 year old female, single & not at all ready to mingle kind of girl. There was a girl who was my BFF since childhood. We shared each & everything, even she goes out wid her bf whom she was having affair from last 7 years by taking my name n I always protected her whenever her mother/sis asked me about her... but she was having so much of problem in her affair.

Actually she is bit of an insecure kind & always tries to keep her bf on hold, due to this lots of issues happened between them. She even dnt allowed him to go out wid his male friends. Than 1 day I dnt know wat happened & she broke our friendship. I was in terrible shock, dnt know wat to do. I called her many times but she din't responded. Even I msged her but of no use.

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A couple of days ago, her sis called me & ask me is she wid me coz she said at home tat she is watching movie wid me. I said "yes" although she was not there so I wanted to clarify everything tats Y I called her one day but she again cut off my call. She broke the friendship but still she is using my name. This is the thing which was bothering me so out of anger I called up her bf for the first time. Asking where the hell is she.


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SJ KARTHIK 1 year ago

You did a great job. They should get married & that's is fine.. You better stay back from him. Once loved & that's can't be reversed like your BF and hope he doesn't deserve for her as he flirt with you ...


Tina 1 year ago



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