S*x in traditional family

My #secretconfessed,
I am in relationship with a guy, but we broke up. Now we had 11 years relationship. I am 26 yrs and he is 34. we are living in same cities. When we are in relationship emitting each other in caffeine and long drive. After two months we coming very close. Kissing, touching each other then now we had s**.

He is very good man but our caste not similar. That is the big reason for separating. He also love me very much we both are becoming very traditional and cultural family. His and my family never accept our relationship.

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Now I am big dilemma. We doesn't talk each other between 3 months I am missing him lot and one of our mutual friend said to me he also not forget me now he concerntrate in his hold and career.

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Yogesh Ganjar 2 years ago

RIP English...


aa 2 years ago

Tum ladkio ki yahi problem hai. .har time confuse. .plZ mazak mat banao life ko yaar. ...kisi aur se marriages karne ke baad agar iske liye feeling rah gayi aur sex bhi kia to ye sab barbaad future ki nishani hai. .plZ hold tight what life gave you. ..well r u ru*a


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