Matched and unmatched

My #SecretConfessed:
I was telling to myself that"You will have to leave your friends city and sometime family if you have to take up this job".
Since job was with one of the most reputed brands I just felt like taking this as I could explore other parts of India.

Landed in Gurgaon from Bangalore and I joined my new job. I was prepared for the worst that you will have to be alone and I wasn’t expecting nothing more than job-life-sleep.
I had found a place to stay on websites and after a week staying in hotel I moved to that home. Flatmates were not so good except Hi and Bye though 2 guys are really good among 5 of us. I told them about my life, my past betrayed relationships etc. We were having good time with roaming around job sleep etc.

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One day as we were talking over beer a guy mentioned about a dating app T***der and everyone started sharing about their views.

I said I can’t wait for a match and I don’t have time to keep checking it.
But then they made me realise how alone I am and I should have an account. Realising this I started using this app. 

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