Does he want to use me?

My #SecretConfessed:
Hey friends, I am very much confused...
Actually it all started when I received a request from a boy and I accepted it... We began to chat...

After some days he proposed to me and as I also had developed love for him I accepted his proposal.... We met several times... and came very close to each other... Sometimes we had a little bit of vulgar chat on f*b...

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After some days he started demanding for physical relationship... First I ignored it... But when he continuously asked for it I only agreed fakely... so that our relationship didn’t break... I told him to wait for some time...

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Rhl 1 year ago

This is lust, not depends on u


Shekhar 2 years ago

He is interested mainly in physical relationship.. It's your take to decide..


nandini 2 years ago

yes he is using u , pls think wise n go away from him , he is not meant for u


Rahul 2 years ago

He will surely leave u again....this is lust, not love.....


bobo 2 years ago

you are making same mistake again.dont make yourself fool again.have some self respect and forget him .


Jolly 2 years ago

Since he left you for some other girl so no point of being in touch with him. Coz u are not his priority. You should be with the one who makes you his priority for everything.


Miss strong !!! 2 years ago

It won't be much difficult for a person who left you once, to leave you again... Do not trust or believe anyone you met online first...that's the worst thing you can do to spoil your life...just like I did !! It's been 3 months since he left me...I am still not able to forget him and get over him even though I was with him just for a will be really tough...but...cheer up girl!! You still got a long way to deserve someone good...!! If he truly loved you, he wouldn't have ever left you even in the worst conditions...and he ignored you coz you didn't agree for a physical relationship !! Do you still wanna trust him and give him a second chance ?? Don't!! I repeat...don't!!! Who knows he might dump you again...!! Think properly !! All the best !! ☺


Amit 2 years ago

Always keep in mind that he can leave u again.


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