Don't ever fall in love!

Don't ever fall in love!

When I was in class 7th I had a crush on a boy who was 3 years older than me there was no chance of our togetherness but still I loved him like anything. I was totally broken when i realised the fact that there was no chance of our togethernerness.

Alot of people proposed me but I refused to be with them because as the time passed I hated the word LOVE because it destroyed me completely. After one year I met a guy on fb who proposed me he had something in him which attracted me like anything . Finally I said yes to him!! I started beliving in love he made me promises of being together with me everytime everyplace. And yes I was a fool I belived him our story was going like a fairytale but after some time insecurity started occuring.

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He stopped giving me time no chats no calls no texts everything stopped yesterday I got a text from him lets have a break!! Lets breakup He was my first love and maybe the last!! Guys dont ever fall in love it will destroy u!!


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Sravya 1 year ago

Loving a wrong person destroys


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