Don't keep silent

My #SecretConfessed:
I was sexually harassed, mentally tortured, blackmailed; but I was silent. I let him do whatever he wished to, and showed minimal protests.

No, not because I enjoyed. But because he used to frighten me that "If I tell anyone anything about it, he'll lie to my parents that I've an affair with his nephew." He even make me believe that no one is going to believe me. So I kept silent. What else could I do?

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I was just a girl of 16 by then; a book-worm; who knows nothing about the outside world. I used to cry, just cry for that whole 1hr 45 mins of torture and humiliation; but my tears, my pains went unnoticed. He was my tutor, a teacher; someone whom not only I but even my parents respects the most; a devil inside.

But now it's not him about what I need to talk. Instead it's me; and other girls like me.

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king cold 1 year ago

Girl you stand up and fight coz at the end of the day, you are your only hero. Only you can do justice for you. Rise and fight, the more you fear even more they scare you. I pray that you will surely have the strength not to fight for yourself but also for the voice less. you are your last defense and fight like u dont know what fear is


Manoj 2 years ago

Listen dear, I'm a teacher too n have taken private tuition for eighteen years. Had both girls n boys till twelfth std.U said u bore everything without a say why if not parents u could have told ur frenz.Then there r ways to have him caught by incoming cops n media n manila samati .U just had to be the normal as other days. Keep all informed n they would have caught him redhanded. U also said about raising ur voice. Y the hell u didn't raise ur voice then. Coz u too loved those moments. If u give space to someone he won't leave u no.I being a teacher had very beautiful students n all respected me n many since I had been teaching them from toddlers till they were in tenth n twelfth std used to hang all over me.So ,don't mind u can still teach him a lesson or else god knows how many more girls he will destroy.You can also inform people who have taken him as private tutor to avoid him Here's my number do call if u need 8910155450


name 2 years ago

Sir, I do respect ur thoughts n u...but what u said that 'I loved those moments' is not true; it can't be.No one enjoys it..let it be a girl or boy.. Anyways thanks.... these words meant a lot for me ☺


Frost 1 year ago

So "u too loved those moments" thats what you come up with. and i seriously think that you gave your number coz " u want those moments". Pathetic chauvinistic fool. Before judging others why dont you put yourself in their shoes and feel their trauma, agony and pain. And I seriously pray to god that you will never have a girl as your child. May god bless or anything u


Robin 2 years ago

Dear friend My prayers and all support with you. How difficult it must have been for you but you are a strong gal and have come out to speak up. Lemme know if I can help in any way. Such crazy and heinous people take advantage of innocent ones and try to exploit them. My respects that you have come up in support of others who may have faced such problems. Take good care of yourself. You are not alone and you have support. Will do my best to help in what ever way I can.


agni 2 years ago

Dear, I too had this kind of experience, but I did not tolerate quietly. I made my close friends to know about it. I made a strong protest ignoring his threat. Talk about it with your parents, they will trust you. Don't suffer silently.


Jolly 2 years ago

Although no one other than you yourself can help you in this situation. It can't be erased or formatted. But may God give you the strength and courage. Secondly, We must appreciate that you showed the courage to share it with strangers like us. It's a hard reality. Anyone can be a victim. Thanks for alerting all the readers. Take care


Kris 2 years ago

The mistake is ur too calm know a days u hv to show ur abilities sometimes sometimes ppl think ur a coward.


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