No one is forcing you to stay in this relationship

My #SecretConfessed:
I am in relationship with a guy where we don't have regular conversation. Whenever i call him he everytime cuts the phone by saying that "I am busy".

One day he said that he only loves me, there is not any other girl than me but just because of work he is unable to give me time.
But last time when i called him he said, "I can not give you even 5 minutes from 24hours, no one is forcing you to stay in this relationship, we had not made a physical relationship in the 2years of relationship, please don't call me again."
And when i asked him, "do you wanna breakup?" he replied, "I will declare that soon what i want right now, don't talk to me and don't call me."

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I am so confused what should i do and what not.
Please get me out of this. Please help me..

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