Don't spoil their life!

My #secretconfessed,
This message is specially for Marwadi Samaaj. I'm a Marwadi and i want to say to all the Marwadi people here please support love and don't be against love. Love is a beautiful thing, please respect it.

I have seen so many girls and boys suffering from this situation where their families are not accepting their love. Loving someone is not WRONG.
I have seen youngsters are not even allowed to marry among Marwadi, because they don't belong to same village or community. Marwadi has different communities in them.
I don't understand why ain't they allowed? They believe in same god. Their Dharam is same.

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To all the Fathers and Elder people over here - please support your children, understand them. If they have chosen a really good boy/girl and both the families are jain Marwadi, then please don't be against them.
Don't think much about your respect and goodwill in the society.

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