Double ex-girlfriend

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I was in a relation with my classmate and both of us were really good together. After college, distance played its role and we broke up. I never wanted to do so, but she had lost all the love, care, respect for me. I was in a pain.

Later after breakup I came to know that she was already in a relation with some other guy who was her officemate, since past 2 months.
Somehow i managed to move on.
After 6 months or so, she came back to me and expressed her regret to whatever she did to me and wanted to be with me again.
We patched up, but I had lost all the trust on her. This relation hardly lasted 3 months and now we are not together anymore. Though she initiated, it was a mutual breakup as i also wanted it.

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It has been 4-5 months when we talked to each other.
Now sometimes I get a thought to approach her/talk to her, because I feel that I wont be able to or other girl wont be able to get as close as her.

Need some constructive advice.

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