Drug with no cure

My #SecretConfessed:
Why everytime when I think of you it makes me feel so better, but also killing me from inside? Its been over six months we are not together. You want me to hate you, You abused me everytime I get back to you but how could I hate you when You are inside of me? How could I hate my own skin?

I talked to many girls just to be happy and forget you. But whatever I do, nothing can stop me to think about you. Sometimes I thought about going to a prostitute, but whenever I do these kinds of things it makes me feel that I am cheating on you...

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Even I know you’re not for me... but why is it too hard for me to move on?
How do people forget someone so easily?
Life would be so much better if there were no attraction, affection...

I really need someone to share my loneliness. If this makes you cry, then its not love, but why do I find cure in you?
You’re a drug which has no cure.
I really need help.

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