Embarrassed in front of ladies

My #SecretConfessed:
This is a family embarrassing story.
So I had a crush on my relative girl. Her name is Selvi. From childhood itself I had a crush.

I don't know what she feels about me. She likes manly guys like rowdy type of guys. I was a book worm during my school days so she may not even like me. But we rarely spoke to each other when our families met.
I felt shy and I had sensed the same in her. I thought of proposing but didn't have guts.

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Then started my college and I was not able to see her after that. But in college I joined gym. So I have had a good physique since then. I did this for Selvi as she likes manly guys. So I'm working and I'm about to propose her.

But before that a humiliating incident happened. 

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