Every time I ended up in bed with a new guy...

My #secretconfessed,
I'm 28 year old married woman from J&K. I was sexually abused from childhood by neighbors, school seniors, and family friends. But I never shared my experiences wth family. I adjusted to sexual abuse and used to see it as normal activity.

Only now I think it was abuse. My problem is that despite now knowing that it is wrong and abusive, I continue to have sexual relationships with new men. Also I started giving sexual satisfaction in return for favors while in college. I have continued to do so since then.

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Can I change now? Can I leave it all? I tried many times but every time I ended up in bed with a new guy.

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Suhail 1 year ago

Allah's mercy is far more wide than our evil deeds... Trust Allah n seek his forgiveness honestly


Hyder 1 year ago

You can definitely get out of this. Connect believer to help you


DM 1 year ago

if it gives you pleasure you can continue with it.


Rahul 1 year ago

Do what u feel good and make you happy.


AM 1 year ago

Im a 31 yrs old guy from jammu...have been through the same shit in my childhood...iv gone very sexually active and want to change this but i cant...i always end up sleeping with a new girl...im scared of relationships...i guess it cant change...anyways if u wanna catch up then mail me at modiguy1 at the rate gmail dot com


Bashir 1 year ago

Being a married u should have to leave all that bad things I will give u a suggestion to recite holy quran in sha Allah u will forget all bad habits


Jolly 1 year ago

Where there is a will there is a way....


Tejus 1 year ago

What do you feel to do matters the most. Having sex is a physical pleasure. Many people are not satisfied with one partner. They may restrict them for social boundations to show it off or to tell it. But they do. They do so secretly. Here having sex with different guys isn't a sin but what really not ethical is you are married and breaking your husband's trust. Husbands can't tolerate this. Specially in case he is loyal to you.


Vij 1 year ago

You can always give up. As it feels difficult u the best option is can change ur location to new area where no one knows about ur past. But physical needs are required for which u can get into some serious relation after certain time when ur sure about u can control urself. Vbfrnds@gmail


Mudasir 1 year ago

If u r married,then what is the problem.u r just 28 think about ur future life, don't waste ur time in such acts, go ahead to start ur bright future dear.


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