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My #SecretConfessed:
It was a dramatic start of our relationship. We chatted with each other on social networking site. Before that we didn't know each other. First 2-3 days we use to chat with each other for hours. Apparently we attracted to each other. We never seen each other, never met. We thought our thinking matched with one another.

After 3 days i proposed her on call. She said "yes" to me immediately. Next day we met each other. We made our bonding strong. We frequently use to go out for weekend getaways. We physically came close to each other. She put her life in front of me & i put mine in front of her.
She lost her father at the age of 19 which i felt similar to me because of that we emotionally close to each other. After few days i met her mother & sister. Her family didn't like me look wise.

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After that she confessed a secret to me.
After death of her father she became a call girl for money. I accepted her with it & never make a comment on it after that.


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Anu 1 year ago

Love itself wrong bro.. concentrate on ur career and forgive her..


neha 1 year ago

u r nt wrng ......u deserve much bettr grl than her....try to forget her as soon possible..and move on


Panky 2 years ago

U was nowhere wrong... u just trusted too much on a wrong person... just forget her and move on.. one day she will pay for eveything


zed 2 years ago

hey bro..don't u ever heard that..love is blind..in ur case that's right thing for u..ur love is too much blind for that gal..who just want money n luxury in her life.. she was not doing any job..till the whole night..she was still doing being a call gal. have u ever asked the where the company was..n what is her job work.. i have seen so many cases like urs.. n all those galz don't want any real relationship..just want money n luxury..


anup 2 years ago

the fault is in your primary school english teacher..


gagan 2 years ago

Bro it's her nature she's suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder .... it's a mental illness where she's having fear of loosing everything so she made her mind to like temporary thing .. it's all due to Child hood upbringing ... it drastically destroy one's way of thinking .. mean it her life is full of rejection n regrets ... n she can't get out of this until she leaves alcohol n other sort of sodomised things ... in other words she's not mentally stable ...


king 2 years ago

U did nothing wrong bro. She is very unthankful, unfaithful and she didn't deserve ur love. This is what blind affection leads to. Now u must thank god for knewing her before ur marriage. Surely God bless ur future bro.


amit 2 years ago

bro u loved her and thats really a beautiful thing...but she never loved u and its ok too...the thing is u could have known it earlier if u have followed ur instincts


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