Ex of my cousin

Ex of my cousin

My #SecretConfessed:
I want to confess something. I like a guy... but he loves my cousin. when I came to know I kept distance from both of them. But their relation doesnt work out nd they broke up in 3 months. I ws unware of all till one year.

After 1 year I got msg from him nd our convo started. we become very good friends. eventually he asked me to meet many times but I refused.
After one and half year of our convo we meet. We were not in relationship, just friends...
But still he huged me nd kissed me. I could not refuse n I dont know the reason too. but soon I manage myself nd we stopped right there n I left.
After an hour he called me as he was about to leave. when I went there he said he cant love anyone but he likes me a lot n he proposed me to get married.

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I was very confuse what to say so I asked him for time... I dont know do I love him coz he is not a guy as I want. But still I like him. I m not sure now is that love or nything else..?
I even dont know tht this relation will workout or not? I have a lot of doubts with no ans.

He always ans in mystry whenever I asked him anything... Whenever I try to clear things he refuses with a answer that he wanna meet me once nd then he will clear all doubts... till time I hv to wait. What should I do? Plz suggest.


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ke 1 year ago

Tum usse pehle se like krti thi..... jis kaaran tum usse kiss krne se rok nhi payi......aur uska tumhari cousin ke saath breakup ho gya... isliye confuse ho..... ki woh tumhare saath loyal hoga ke nhi.........Woh loyal nhi hai....Bas time pass Krna chahta hai tumhare saath.....Tum chod dogi......To woh kise or ko pta lega....


Love guru 1 year ago

He knows you like him so he's using u, once we shall I clear your doubts is nothing he want sex. If u also want it go for it


samm 1 year ago

U ar also guilty somewhere else that's why these thing happen.......why u ar not confessing where u ar wrong


bazigar 2 years ago

Leave that arshole, he is aware of the fact that deep inside you like him and because of this fact he is playing his trump card, I bet he is desperate and don't have any girl around him but he has you, that is it jackpot, meet him but don't try to get hypnotized by some sweet talks, first clear every single thing that is waving in your brain. If he sounds suspicious on every answer then try him just for a week if he stays same leave that arshole saying -"can we only be friends! " Kaboom


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