Failed twice, can't recover

My #SecretConfessed:
Hey guys. 8 years back I was madly in love with someone who left me for some other girl. While I was dealing with this situation with all the strength I had, 3 years ago I met this guy m currently in love with.

3 months ago, I came to know he has been cheating on me and I got depressed. I couldn't sleep and eat properly. I'm badly attached to him and he just doesn't care... he is not even sorry.
It's been a month, we have broken up, but I really miss him badly..
Suicidal thoughts keep coming into my mind but then I look at my parents and this is how m trying to control myself. But it's getting really very hard for me as two consecutive failed relationships have really damaged me emotionally and physically too.
I know it's good for my future as he is a cheater but really can't control my feelings.. for the first time I was physically involved with some guy.

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