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Now the problem is she is in house arrest, they have taken the phone away from her, they are not allowing her to go to office. All her struggle for the past 1.5 years is going to be demolished.

Her parents are not ready to talk with me. She belongs to gounder and am a konar (yadhava).
I don't know how many days they will follow this. At least I want them to allow her to come to office so that her career would not get affected.
I don't know how many days these peopleĀ gonna follow this casteic marriage. They are behaving like barbarians.

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The girl will not be able to come out because her sister is such a crack that she will brainwash her parents to die and show us that because of you both my father and mother has died.

Suggest me a way to get rid of this problem.

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Prathap 2 years ago

Tie a knot to her...and make her body can do nothing...u both are earning...u can settle and make a good family. A parent who is not hearing the wish of their child is not a good parent. You make the step to eradicate this caste based marriage. Was caste there 1000 years ago...all this caste, virginity, god etc etc we created for our selfishness. Don't become a victim of unhappy marriage. It's your life. Tie a knot to her.


king 2 years ago

Its ur both responsibility to convince them n prove them that u were made fir each other. If they r still stubborn go to police becoz they can't house arrest an mature girl without her will


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