Fat girls like you don't deserve to be loved by handsome boys...

My #SecretConfessed:
Hello everyone, I am 17, I was in relationship with one guy from last three years.. he was from my native place.. so we would meet rarely for functions etc..

One day my school friend came to my place with her another friend.. she askd me for my cell to see pictures so I gave her.. And I went to bring some snacks for them..
In that time she took my bf's number from my cell, checked his fb name, everything and gave my cell back to me. I was unaware of it.

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After few days my bf starting ignoring me, not receivng calls, no messages, nothing, he started avoiding me completely.. I used to miss him very much, and I used to hurt myself..
Then after 2 months he called me and directly asked me whether I know that girl.. I said yea I know but why..
Then he told me she proposed him and she is his new gf.. I was shocked, I could not understand what to say..

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Nephy 9 months ago

Leave it be . And use it as a life learning lesson anything you could do out of revenge wront change the outcome so dristract your self with other things and move on with life


Daisy 1 year ago

Be nice to that girl and ur ex find picha of them and in which they are closed to each other..and go paste poster of it outside wall of their houses


GOD 2 years ago

Have revenge with both your ex and that girl who did that with you don't spare them think with cold mind make a plan and make them pay.Besides the way your ex acted he don't deserve you.Also you are young you can lose weight! (Just kidding on last one)


name 2 years ago

just go n give a tight slap right on his face in front of everyone n don't tell the reason even.


Jolly 2 years ago

Go now f**k him


Swarali 2 years ago

Okay. So just go upto him no matter what how many ppl are there around him speak ur heart out whatever ur anger is... And warn him fr d last tym that stop doing this. dont let ppl underestimate u.


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