I would never blame her

My #SecretConfessed:
I am 28 year old. I was in relationship with a girl. We were having a long distance relationship, but we used to meet once in a month for 2 to 3 days always.

And she always kept me online on cell phone for making me feel live with her, even during my working hours.
And we decided to get marry...

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And when the time came for marrige, I came to know that her cell has been off. And later the news came to me that she ran away with someone else...
Here my problem is that if she refused to marry me bcz of her parents I would never blame her, but she did love marriage with someone else, who belongs to the same place.
Eventualy I feel that I am decieved and betrayed...

What to do now?

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Rix 1 year ago

See if you were true, then someday she would realize her mistake. All you can do is m0ve on. Humans are bound to screw up. Forgive & forget. What she did was her karma and believe me some day she will have to pay for it. Is there something else you can do about it? And will you get something out of feeling sorry or any other emotion..... If yes then keep on crying ...


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