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My #SecretConfessed:
I'm class 11 student. A common boy, with very high ambitions. I have a sweet loving girlfriend, and we both have spent 3 happy years together and we want to spend the whole life together.

We are committed to each other, through every thick and thin we have been the support for each other. I'm really lucky to have her.
But the problem is with me 😕

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In real life, I'm a boy who's quite shy and rarely talks with girls other than my girlfriend.
But at time when i'm alone, i try watch bad things over the internet. And then, I suddenly feel guilty for doing it, as my girlfriend thinks i dont do such things, and it's like cheating with her. I really regret what I do, I determine not to do it, but i dont know what happens to me that I ultimately end up doing it! I'm really worried, I feel like a different person developing inside me, who is lusty, unlike the real me, who wants to stay loyal to his love!!

Please help me out!! I'm tired of myself!! 😢

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Well wisher 1 year ago

Don't worry friend... Just say your lover about this and trust me everything will be all right. Initially maybe she maybe upset, angry or mixed up emotions. But don't forget communicate as soon as she calms. Give her space, and than again you both can discuss to come to a final decision


NoName 1 year ago

Relax kid. It is natural. Every guy watches porn. Just make sure you don't get addicted. Mastrubation is healthy as well. Do not over do it. Be open with your girl friend. Tell her you are doing so and so. If she really loves you, she will just advice you. Nothing more.


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