First her, then her sister

My #secretconfessed,
Well before judging think twice. I was deeply in love with this girl and did everything she wanted, even sacrificing my career for her. In fact she wanted to stay together as well n we did stay for 2 years together n relationship for more then 4 years.

I was kinda guy who NVR stop her for anything n she was from North East n one day I caught her with a guy at late night in our house. I was doing night shift n that day it was raining heavily. I came out of the house but couldn't go duty neither home back so after almost 2 hours of rain I thought better I go home n when I reached home I was surprised to see the guy n her n was shocked. I just asked the guy to leave as I don't want to make any scene n I asked her what he was doing here she didn't have answer, as I love her so much that I couldn't believe n I went back to office even though it was late.

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Slowly in a month time I tried to fix everything n giving her all the attention, cooking for her etc etc and one day she told me she needs to get her college certificate from Kolkata. We were in Bangalore as we r classmate n I have very good rapport with college authority I told her let's go, then she told me she won't be able to get off so requested me to go.

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