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It's a long  story. I was  in a relationship with  my colleague. We both work together. When he joined college, he was in relation wid his ex.

Now we became good friends. I always used to encourage him for his gf. But he told me that she cheated him and so now he lost interest in her. So very often we used to share all happening in our life. Slowly we started feeling for each other.

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One day he proposed me. But during that time, he used to chat a lot with a girl. When I ask him he used to say that they are just friends. But due to some incident, I had to call her and then she told me all about him.

She told me that they were intimate when he was in relation wid me. They had done sex so many times.


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bazigar 1 year ago

Get a bf, more awesome than him and just enjoy the rest of your life. Don't look back after that.


Anonim 1 year ago

stop thinking about the one who took advantage of your forgiveness


Anonymous 2 years ago

This seems like you gave him a lot more chances than he actually needed. First thing you need to do is try to act calm in front of him. Dont show him that you are broken. Secondly try to engage yourself with other colleagues of yours. Spend time with them. Try to make new friends. Engross yourself in your work and try some new activities. Try to get out of it dear. He has used you and if you go back then same old story will continue.


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