God must have focused mainly on her eyes...

My #SecretConfessed:
I was there, sitting in deep DESPAIR as usual. But today, today was different because i was sitting besides her, yes besides her. She was looking alluring, more shinier, more attractive, more silent, engrossed in her own thoughts. What might she be thinking of. Me? not at all...

Although it seems that she has her own irony of life, she looks similar... maybe she is going through the same pain or she is naturally like me :-p
I don't know what is it but yes i can feel the same essence of pain from her that i am familiar with, these last 2-3 years of my life.
I feel like i should go and ask her what made her so engrossed, so silent... maybe she wants to be confronted about her pain or maybe she simply wants to share it with a person she can trust on, just like i feel the same urge of sharing.

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Today — today was different, she was sitting alone like most of the times.
When i got into the bus she was the first one to see me or maybe it was just a coincidence that our eyes met for a moment, had an unforgettable affect on my heart.
Her eyes... they were like completely reflecting her innocence and of-course her silence, as she knew that i too have a broken heart... so those exceptional eyes of her had a bit of surprise and a feeling of sympathy type for me. But i don't need her sympathy, i can live my life on my own, and their sympathy wont gonna make it better. Damn it!! why i like eyes of girls this much.

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Anand 2 years ago

Just love this post. Felt like a wonderful story... short and sweet.. THOSE EYES... Amazing ... happy to sea sne who has a weakness for eyes.. just like me.. after the moment I saw it.. I always check for it in every eyes only to be disheartened. A 3 years long wait to sea it again... in someone, somewhere.


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