He has both of us...

My #secretconfessed,
I’m 21 years old girl. 3 years ago I got into college then I became a friend of one boy. He had liked me so much that he proposed after two weeks and I accepted. Fun and crazy love were between us. We never argued. He was spending with me a lot of time and cared about me. In fact, we were the best couple in the whole college. Every student, teacher at college knew that we were happy.

During the third year of our relationship, I got to know that he has a girlfriend. I told him straight that I know about everything. At first, we both cried and I broke up with him. Next, we met and he said that he loves only me and he wants to be with me. He broke up with this girl, but she started to threaten him that she will take her life and then he will go to jail. Now he is scared and he can’t leave her… but we love each other. Our life is miserable because of separation.

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