He has only lust feeling for me...

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gonethroughsame 1 year ago

Yaar vo banda galat hai... bhul jao... ye bhulne ka process bohooottt mushkil hota hai ik but aise bande ki harkato se lag rha hai ki he is using you as per his needs... n u r not a material to be used... u have ur own dignity and self respect. .. not for anything but for your self respect plz leabe that guy and even before he approches you once again. .. plz do block him or else your life will become hell... move on because he is not worth to be cried on... sincere request forget him enjoy ur life studies and friends. .. u will then only be able to be happy :) take care


NåÛghTy 1 year ago

If u really love him, don't leave him. If he wants, he can have s*x with you but he didn't. He's very honest with you, he left you because of his lust. Marry him.


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