He loves real me...

My #SecretConfessed,
My name is Aaira, a girl in her 22nd year of age and I am basically from Srinagar, Kashmir. I came to this city just 03 months back and I am already in love with everything of it, be that it’s fast pace, be that it’s long unbearable traffic jams, the hot and humid climate or the over-crowded local trains. Everything is special about ‘Bombay’. Oh! You must be wondering why I am still calling it Bombay when it is Mumbai already from so many years now, and then I must tell you that Mumbai is just a city but Bombay literally is an emotion. I came to this city with a purpose of doing my Masters in Psychology. Here in the city, I stay with my bhai, my first cousin brother who works as a Cardiac Surgeon in a hospital here. Three months back when I arrived at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport we both, I mean me and Bombay city were complete aliens to each other and then on the very 3rd day I met Vihaan, a guy who is ten years elder to me. He actually is from Vizag and he also works here and is the only friend-cum-companion-cum-colleague of bhai. He is also a doctor, a Neuro Surgeon by speciality.


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Anonymous 2 years ago

Awesome writing.. all the best to you aaira.. may all your wishes and dreams come true..


Neha 2 years ago

Very well written Aaira....n Al d best for future....stay happy...love stories like dz make me believe in love day true love really exist...


Gunikha 2 years ago

Well this was the best one in last few months that I read. Hatsoff Aaira for writing it beautifully. I won't judge you or your love. I respect your love and your feelings. Trust me you are a lucky one if he really respects you. Stay happy.


Godless 2 years ago

Hahahahaha... U r quite a writer dude... Wt fantasy u have... U wud wish all dis ws true... BT trust me it wud js remain a fantasy... U r Gud for writing on sone erotic website... Looser


Rocky 2 years ago

There's nothing wrong but you have to confess it to your family, anyway some day you have to so why not today, and I hope he respects your totally including your choice of religion and you were bit too fast, your life can be perfect as you think it is or else it can terrible if he has faked you anything, and everything is diamond shining in beginning take your decision when you know him enough. Anyway good luck :)


Mir 2 years ago

What I can fathom is you are innocent and impulsive and that's very dangerous for you. Please don't rush into anything without taking someone from your family (parents) in confidence.I know 4 similar cases,and all the 4 weddings/relationships turned catastrophic within 2years after their love lost its fizz.One was cheated by her husband,the other one was tortured by her in-laws,the third one lost him to death and 4th one couldn't find solace due to her husband's busy schedule and ill treatment and habits and their condition is miserable without their parental support as their parents have shut their doors for them. So please consult your parents (mom at least) before moving in with him or taking any step.If they are against it ,then please refrain yourself.You are jus 22 and impulsive too, can't afford to see 5th case of catastrophic relationship. Let's know your status through this thread at least


Adil 2 years ago

Hahaha.. A very well orchestrated n directed lustful story. Yes go ahead. See you in hell. There's nothing like marriage for a Muslim women with men of other religion. The light of innocence, piety has been taken away from your heart.


Vishal 2 years ago

Mr. Adil. So you already know you are gonna go in hell and by no chance to heaven or "jannat'. Why is it because you married a other religion girl or some of your ancestor ? You guys just try to learn what humanity is. The religion is not your life rather it is just a small aspect of your life . So believe in humanity.


sajad 2 years ago

Don't mind what others say...It is yours life..No one is incharge of ur happiness...


Piyush 2 years ago

So, much of love between you and Dr.V. I generally don't react on confessions but yours made my arteries & veins full of dopamine. Stay blessed ma'am. Hold him on, he is a good catch. #Lol❤


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