He said he had some intimate feelings on me...

My #secretconfessed,
I loved a guy. From outside he is a filrt. But inside very good at heart. He is my classmate. He came into my life n asked for my friendship. We became good friends.

We don't share our problems, or secrets instead we will have a fun chat. We see each other n smile for no reason. The presence of him makes me to forget everything (same for him also). He had a girlfriend n he likes her so much. I know that from day 1. But I fell for him.

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I proposed him (not becoz I want his reply just becoz I want him to know about my love and want to be true to myself whether it is love or friendship), but honestly, I don't want to love him.
I came from a orthodox family. I want to love the person who will marry me. But I could not stop myself n fell for him.

He is my first love.


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