He tried to touch but I avoided

My #SecretConfessed:
I was very successful and got a good subject as hns in college.
My childhood friend got my phone nd contacted me. I heard many bad things about him very lately but didn't know anything clearly that time.

He phoned me very frequently over 15 or 16 days. I felt disturbed. But as all the hustle stayers know that as almost everyone is engaged so I missed the absence of somebody who is closer to my heart. That's why I failed to stop him.

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Moreover as i was a sc studnet and now a researcher from that time I used to think n typical science stuff. I was rubuked by seniors in hustle for my loneliness. This stuff I discussed with my childhood friend over the phone and felt a little relaxed.

He proposed to me one day. I refused. He cried before me. I said him to wait. He thought it as my acceptance.
In my hustle he used to phone me. Again and again and sometime and later and very often he demanded to talk with other girls, got frank with them.

One day he demanded to meet. I infromed it to house, my all family members rebuked me to be in touch with that guy. But nobody could understand me.
We met.

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Adil 2 years ago

I really salute you for your piousness and modesty. You are the one to whom every rational person would like to marry... Accept my congratulations for guarding your modesty ... Please don't fell alienated .... A time will definitely come when you would enjoy but in legitimate manner .... If you need any suggestions then please don't feel shy in dropping a consent message I will be more than happy to help such a pious girl.


Nishant Bhanushali 2 years ago

The predominant male society takes for granted the rights of a girl. Parents are requested to listen, support and help the girl child without any condition or guilt factor. I will narate a similar incident where a stalker stalked my sister. I was small. But was bold. I narrated the same to my parents and got the office evicted. It is a fact that incident was a landmark in the area.


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