He wanted my virginity

My #secretconfessed,
I am 30 yr old married lady. The incident happened 3 years back. I came to the city for PG, where my then boyfriend lived. I got introduced to a senior of mine. He was damn hot! I wanted to be friends with him.

But perhaps he wanted my virginity. He used to tell things about my then boyfriend, and I used to get manipulated by him.

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Then one day he called me to his room on the pretext of studying for exams, where he kissed me forceibly. I ran away from there. He apologised the next day... and begged me. I forgave him. Slowly he poisoned my mind. Later one day he came into my room when my room mate was not there.

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Ajay 1 year ago

He didn't take ur virginity, U gave it to him so now don't play innocent here. It was you who went to his room and then u allow him to come at ur place. If girl is not ready, it's next to impossible to have sex with her. Just confess that u r a cheater and an asshole too. But don't worry, Karma is on the way.


vegeta 1 year ago

you know what, you should die for cheating on your loved one, especially for that guy who trusted you blindly. i dont wanna judge but clearly your husband doesnt deserve you. And please confess this to your husband before your so called senior shows up and reveals this to your husband. good luck


Horizon 1 year ago

Do tell your hubby about this and live a guilt free life. Because if you dont its cheating. Live your life without fear and tell him ...think if he comes to know about this...


Truth 1 year ago

U just cheated him.Thats all. if not you should have told him.If you will say u fear loosing him,then you should have fear when u wr fucking with him.so u r cheater.Dont show up here.


ttt 1 year ago

never reveal this t ur husband, u'll lose him. Be happy the way it is. But if u r okay with the consequences do as u wish. wat u did is wrong!


Well Wisher 1 year ago

Gand hai tu ekdum,Gand ab pachtaaye ka hot jab chidiya chug gayi khet


Abhi 1 year ago

You are nothing but a cheat... and now that you are married you may feel guilty but you will do that with anybody who will try to attract you. Your bf never forced you.. You must be shameful. You are a disgrace to the society


dreadpr 1 year ago

one thing to which i seek a answer....if ur bf did the same someday obviously with a hot girl with whom he jus want to have a friendship wala relationship(jus like ur story).....can u forgive him?? b4 marying him u must have confessed this to him rather than telling this to the whole world here..... but as u know sex and love are different ...if ur guy loves u than it doesnt matter whether u are a virgin or not....so i suggest have good sweet thoughts in ur mind spend some quality time with ur now hubby....love him madly and forget abt the sooo called senior..... whether u accept it or not one very easy thing to observe here is u never loved ur bf.....warna ye sab arousal wala cheez hota hi nahi....aise koi v aake aapke saath kuch nahi kar saktha unless u give ur conscent.......


Unknown 1 year ago

Bc esse kaise koi bhi kuch b karleta hai tumhare sath.......agar yehi tumhara bf kisi k sath karke aayega tb ?? ........tum karo toh chamtkar or .......


Shikha mishra 1 year ago

Go one more time to that senior


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