He wanted only my virginity

My #secretconfessed,
It's a relationship of 10 months in which I was told that he won't marry me and doesn't think about long term relations but he wants s*x with me.

So although keeping my moral values of being in a punjabi family also I kept it aside and I did it with him and had lost my virginity to him because I love him a lot. As per now he even still says he will have s*x with other girls when he leaves this city and gets shifted to other after his course gets completed. I do feel low when I listen to it. I know I won't be able to marry anyone or love anyone like this I do to him. But I just don't know what to do now because after this year when he will leave the city the relation will get over because he will leave.

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He sometimes says he fears what will happen after this year but he also keeps the relation with me but after this year he will leave me.

So what should i do now? I just don't know...

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Kumar 1 year ago

Leave that ideat. Think what about your fuather.


Helper 1 year ago

Okay can't praise u for what u have done anyway break relationship immediately and work hard for Ur future


Raj 1 year ago

The things that is gone is gone. However brk all the relationship with this guy as he is using you only for his carnal desires..act wisely and concentrate on your future.


M 1 year ago

U r fool big one . U should have been keept intact it for your life partner, who will take your care for whole life.


basit 1 year ago

dear jo hota hai achay k liya he hota hai


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