He wanted virtual intimacy

My #SecretConfessed,
Well we met on f**b  and we are of different nationalities and he expressed his love. Though we have an age gap of 12 years... and he being an entrepreneur and financially very stable. He said that he loves my heart, not giving priority to the way i look coz he said that before he looked at my pics. And then he does understand me and all.

But last night he said that he wanted to have virtual sex and wanted to see my pics coz he had some personal problems before and wanted me to dedicate myself to him and said that i could trust him. But i didn’t because it was against my values and i blocked him. He also didn’t want to continue if i didn’t agree to do that.

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Did I do the right thing or did I lose a person who actually loved me?


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king 2 years ago

well done.. respect to you..


Kabir 2 years ago

Yes... You have done the right thing.. Kudos..


Love and friendship 2 years ago

I was 18 year old guy at that time lived in Chandigarh. Me and my best friend(female) are in same class and live in same floor of a building. We are friends since kinder garden. Be both play video games at each others home and our parents are good friends. One day she came to my home in afternoon. My parents were not at home. She was crying badly and said that her boyfriend betray her and made new gf. She truly loved him. Then she said that she was going to suicide. I was afraid soo much. Then suddenly i hugged her so tightly and said please don't do suicide for a cheap guy. Then i don't know what happend to her and we both continue to hugging. Then we both became intimate. It was first time for both of us. After that act she completely moved on with her break up. I felt so shameful because i facked my best friend. I couldn't slept for 2 days. Now i am 26 and she is 25. Tomorrow is our second marriage anniversary. I am the luckiest guy on this planet. Bhagwan ji is great.


Oni 8 months ago

You are lucky... stay blessed!


sayani 2 years ago

you did the right thing. am so proud of you sweetheart. if he said that 'he didn't want to continue if you didn't agree' then obviously he was after some fun and nothing serious. and of course he wasn't worth your time. blocking him was the right thing to do. he never actually loved you.


May 2 years ago

You did the right thing.. it was pure lust on his side..


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