He was always there for me like a shadow

He was always there for me like a shadow

Hii guys I need ur help. I m btch 2nd yr student. This yr feb I met a boy who was my roomie's frnd. We strtd talking n gradually I became addictive to him. He was very nice in strting we used to talk day n nights out. He even had a girl frnd but I didnt had a prblm with it becoz I wasnt looking for a bf in him. Even on Valentine's day he talked to his gf for abt 20 mins n we wr talking the whole n8.

Everything was going smoothly, I was falling for him each n every second more n more then suddenly what haapened? he strtd ignoring me. We used to talk for hours a day n at that time we use to just talk for 5 mins a day I was not liking ol dese things. Things became complicated when he specailly came to meet me without telling my roomie (his frnd). I was super confused. Then I came to knw that he had a brk up with his gf n sumwhere I knw I was the reason. I made myself understand that maybe he is behaving weirdly because of the brkup but nevertheless I used to cry my eyes out but with time I was okh with the fact that he wss not talking to me as he used to. Then one day fed with everything I told him "I luv u" n that was the day my parents came to knw everything n therefore I had no contact to him till I came back to clg.

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I was really devasted by the things that happened to me n he was always there for me like a shadow. Then one day he said he love me. I didnt replied anything. We both knew what we felt for each other but still we wre just frnds. We were talking not like we used to but yes, we were. Then one day I asked him what was the reason he n his gf broke up. he said he didnt brkup with his gf n I was dumbstruck. I just msged him that I cant take this anymore n bye forever but I was so addictive to him that i msged him again. we fought a lot on this topic but at last we both were okh.

Everything was going f9. I was able to live without him but now I m again addicted to him. I cannot leave him. sometimes I just want to block him n never ever want to contact him again but I m not so strong. sumtimes I wish I request him to move out of my life as I m not able to but thn he is also r8 in his own way. he dont knw he is hurting me soo much. But he knws everything frm the point that I love him to the point I want him. But he clrly told me that he cannot leave his gf to which I m even proud of. He said "I luv u" to me becoz I ws sad. he wanted to see me happy n really he can to anything for my happiness. What should I do? should I leave him n his frndshp which is not at ol easy for me? or should get hurt each n everyday n remain his frnd as he wants?

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