I want to be with a perfect girl but...

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ady 1 year ago

Jab vo ladki itna kuch sehne k baad bhi tumhare sath hai... uska mtlb yahi h ki vo ladki tumse saccha pyaar karti hai and hmesha tumhare sath rahegi... jab tum apne ex ki baat karte hoge... to kya use rona nahi aata hoga ki mai uske sath hu phir bhi vo past mei latka hua hai phir bhi vo tumhe nahi chhod rhi that means she truely loves you n u won't get a partner like her... start giving her time... occupy ur mind with her thoughts. .. you will surely be able to move on... and a bright future is waiting for you ... try seeing things ffm that perfect girl's perspective. .. everything will go smooth and happy .. u should feel blessed to have her


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